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Customers Listen to Many. Speak to Few. We are that Few.

Indigo Icon came in to existence when like-minded individuals at different companies came to have a sitting, and thought about a direction to take which would center on the needs of the customers and the clients. That sounds like a broken record. But, it became an instant hit when we started to listen with the intent to understand, and not what most of the others do which is to listen with the mere intent to reply.

Making an award-winning web and application development company seems to be a child’s play in this world of promising start-ups and endless opportunities regarding technology solutions. What we do differently is we combine our passion for technology with our vast individual experience which has a fruitful span of 10 years, and assist our customers and clients to succeed with their business ideas and plans.

The group of individuals at Indigo Icon which forms a formidable team, share a common collective purpose which is to cater to the needs of the customers by offering and adopting freedom of innovation, take calculated risks to perform better and beat their competitors, and make a framework of limitations in projects and try to gain optimum results even from those limitations.

Technology Wisdom

Indigo Icon exhibits and promotes technology wisdom. You do not acquire this wisdom from anywhere. It comes to you itself as it is a reward you get for a lifetime of listening, maintaining healthy and friendly workplace, establishing satisfied clientele, curating successful projects, and delivering successful business solutions. Indigo Icon offers technology solutions by choosing the right stack and relevant expertise to design and develop, and attain desired and scalable results.

Fun Facts about Indigo Icon

  • Indigo Icon is headquartered in Houston, Texas
  • Indigo Icon has crème de la crème professionals who proved their worth at different I.T. giants and finally stacked together to make a redoubtable team with a blend of tech-veterans and upcoming tech-prodigies
  • Indigo Icon prefers drinking tea to coffee
  • Indigo Icon love pets
  • Indigo Icon has global reach of clients and customers from +16 countries