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Cold Laser Protocols®

Transforming Cold Laser Therapy with Advanced Protocols

Client Introduction

Cold Laser Protocols® is a leading provider of advanced and proven protocols for cold laser therapy treatments. They offer a software application that guides doctors and physicians through the process of using their cold laser therapy equipment to treat patients more efficiently and effectively. Unlike generic instructions provided with the equipment, Cold Laser Protocols® offers a vast array of protocols that have been meticulously developed and tested, resulting in a remarkable pain-reducing success rate of over 85%. The protocols not only improve patient satisfaction but also significantly boost the revenue streams of practices implementing them.

Client Challenges

Before partnering with Indigo Icon, Cold Laser Protocols® faced several challenges in optimizing the effectiveness of cold laser therapy treatments:

Generic Instructions

Cold laser therapy equipment typically comes with generic usage instructions, leaving doctors to experiment and find the most suitable settings for their patients. This trial-and-error process can be time-consuming and may not guarantee optimal results.

Lack of Standardization

The lack of standardized protocols makes it challenging for doctors to consistently achieve accurate predictions for patient outcomes. This inconsistency may lead to varying levels of patient satisfaction and potentially negative reviews.

Complexity in Usage

Some doctors may find it challenging to apply cold laser therapy effectively due to the complexity of adjusting settings based on different patient conditions. This complexity can hinder the efficient delivery of treatments.

Indigo Icon's Solution

Indigo Icon, a web and app development company, collaborated with Cold Laser Protocols® to address these challenges and develop a powerful software application that would revolutionize cold laser therapy treatments.

Web Admin Portal and Software Development

Indigo Icon designed and developed a web admin portal and user-friendly software application containing a comprehensive set of protocols for various areas of the body, including the back, neck, shoulders, hips, elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles & feet. The software aims to simplify the entire process for doctors and practitioners, streamlining cold laser therapy treatments and improving patient outcomes.

Key Features of the Software Application

Huge Array of Protocols

The software offers a vast library of tried and tested protocols tailored for different patient conditions, age groups, and pain levels. This extensive database ensures consistent and effective treatment options for each patient.

Simplicity and Efficiency

Cold Laser Protocols® emphasized simplicity in the software's design, making it easy for doctors and their back room staff to use effectively. The step-by-step guidance ensures accurate and efficient treatment application, leading to higher patient satisfaction rates.

Patient Condition Input

Doctors input the patient's condition based on a series of questions presented by the software. The system then calculates and provides the most appropriate settings and timing for the laser therapy based on the patient's specific needs.

Practice Growth

Implementing the Cold Laser Protocols® software has enabled practices to witness significant growth in patient intake and revenue. The improved treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction lead to positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals.

Results and Benefits

The collaboration between Indigo Icon and Cold Laser Protocols® has brought about transformative results for the company and its clients:

Higher Patient Satisfaction

With the implementation of standardized and proven protocols, patients experience consistent and effective cold laser therapy treatments, leading to significantly reduced pain levels and increased satisfaction.

Streamlined Treatment Process

The user-friendly software application has simplified the treatment process for doctors and practitioners, allowing them to deliver treatments with greater accuracy and efficiency.

Increased Practice Revenue

The success of Cold Laser Protocols® in improving patient outcomes has resulted in a substantial increase in practice revenue, with many clients experiencing six-figure digit growth in their cold laser therapy offerings.

Positive Reviews and Referrals

The exceptional treatment outcomes have led to a surge in positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals, enhancing the reputation and visibility of practices using Cold Laser Protocols®.

In conclusion, Indigo Icon's web admin portal and software application have revolutionized cold laser therapy treatments for Cold Laser Protocols® and their clients. The implementation of standardized and efficient protocols has not only improved patient outcomes but also boosted the growth and success of practices across the board.

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