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NEOM Saudi Arabia’s Futuristic Urban City

NEOM Saudi Arabia’s Futuristic Urban City
Digital Solutions 0 Comments March 27, 2024

NEOM, a groundbreaking project in northwest Saudi Arabia, is poised to redefine urban living, sustainability, and innovation. Let’s dive into the key aspects of this ambitious endeavor:

Vision and Location


NEOM aims to be a zero-carboncircular economy, and a global hub for entrepreneurship, technology, and human progress.

Unique Features

The LINE: A Revolution in Urban Living


 is a visionary city project within NEOM.



THE LINE will be emission-free, waste-free, and powered by renewable energy.


It will accommodate 9 million people in a 34-square-kilometer area.

Diverse Regions and Natural Beauty


 NEOM’s diverse climate offers both sun-soaked beaches and snow-capped mountains.

Natural Landscape:

NEOM protects 95% of its surrounding natural landscape, ensuring enhanced livability for residents.

Economic Impact and Innovation

Special Economic Zone:

 NEOM is a designated special economic zone, diversifying Saudi Arabia’s economy.

Global Trade Hub

13% of global trade passes through the Red Sea, positioning NEOM strategically.

Join the NEOM Community

Investment Opportunities

Be part of the change! Invest in NEOM’s new future—a place where the impossible becomes possible.

This isn’t business as usual; it’s a chance to shape history. 

Careers at NEOM

Join a global community of visionary minds and adventurous spirits.

Collaborate on fresh ideas, innovation, and solutions. 


The visionary project in northwest Saudi Arabia, is committed to sustainability and innovation. Let’s explore its key sustainability goals:

Long-Term Values and Growth:

NEOM was established on a sustainable foundation with a focus on supporting its growth and principles for the long term. 

Energy Sector Goals:

NEOM has four main goals for the energy sector:

Building an innovative carbon-free system supported by local energy networks.

Creating an optimal mix of energy at a cost below the global average price.

Blueprint for Sustainable Living:

NEOM’s city design incorporates sustainable features:

Green lighting sources, upgraded air quality, and efficient building materials.

Shared resources, reduced operational costs, and energy efficiency.

Circular Economy and Well-Being:

NEOM’s purpose is to create a circular economy that relies less on oil and more on sustainable energy.

Environmental Commitment:

NEOM is committed to environmental protection, conservation, and a circular economy.

NEOM invites dreamers, doers, and visionaries to be part of this transformative journey toward a sustainable and innovative future.

NEOM’s Innovative Transportation Infrastructure

NEOM, the ambitious project in northwest Saudi Arabia, envisions a sustainable, safe, and connected mobility ecosystem. Let’s explore its transportation infrastructure:

THE LINE: Transit-Oriented Urban Development

THE LINE, a 170 km transit-oriented urban development within NEOM, is central to linking people and services.

Smart and Sustainable City Design

NEOM’s city design incorporates features such as:

Green lighting sources for energy efficiency.

Efficient building materials to reduce operational costs.

Investment in Infrastructure

Major infrastructure projects, including roads, utilities, and a hospital, are already built.

The Port of NEOM will receive a $2 billion investment, with the first advanced container terminal opening in 2025.

Integration of Advanced Transit Systems

NEOM aims to closely integrate smart infrastructure with active, shared, and autonomous mobility solutions.

Whether you’re an investor, resident, or curious explorer, NEOM invites you to be part of this transformative journey toward a sustainable and innovative future

NEOM: Pioneering Smart City Features

NEOM, the visionary project in northwest Saudi Arabia, is at the forefront of smart city innovation. Let’s explore its features:

Zero-Car, Zero-Street Concept:

NEOM defies convention by eliminating cars and streets. 

This bold approach prioritizes sustainability, safety, and efficient mobility.

Cognitive Cities Powered by 5G and IoT:

NEOM has partnered with STC Group to establish a 5G network infrastructure

The city will utilize AI, robotics, and human-machine fusion for predictive intelligence and faster decision-making across all sectors.

The LINE: A Futuristic Urban Development:

THE LINE, a 170 km linear city within NEOM, redefines urban living.

Key features:


Emission-free and powered by renewable energy.


Just 200 meters wide but accommodating around 9 million people.

100% Renewable Energy:

NEOM aims to use 100% renewable energy sources. Solar, wind, and other sustainable technologies will power the city.

This commitment aligns with NEOM’s vision of a greener, cleaner future.

Active Lifestyle Community:

NEOM’s development includes an active lifestyle community with 711 residential properties.


120-berth marina: An international hub for yachts.

18-hole golf course: Nestled in the mountains.

NEOM isn’t just a city; it’s a living laboratory—a model for sustainability, innovation, and prosperity. 


NEOM represents more than just a city; it’s a living laboratory, an oasis of possibilities. Whether you’re an investor, a resident, or a curious explorer, NEOM invites you to be part of its transformative journey.

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