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The Safety Compliance Company is a leading provider of comprehensive safety, health, and environmental compliance solutions for businesses across the United States. Their mission is to protect their clients' futures by ensuring strict adherence to OSHA safety regulations and providing high-quality safety training tailored to each company's specific needs. With a proven track record and verified by over 2,000 accounts, the Safety Compliance Company stands out as a trusted partner in promoting workplace safety.


Client Challenges

Before partnering with Indigo Icon, the Safety Compliance Company faced several challenges in managing safety compliance effectively. Their existing processes were largely paper-based, leading to inefficiencies, documentation errors, and delayed access to critical information. Moreover, ensuring that their clients remained up-to-date with the latest safety laws proved to be a daunting task. To address these challenges, the Safety Compliance Company sought a web admin portal and mobile apps (iOS and Android) that would enable seamless, paperless, and real-time compliance management.

Paper Based

Leading to Inefficiencies


Documentation Errors


Delayed Access to Critical Information

Indigo Icon's Solution

Indigo Icon, a reputable web and app development company, collaborated closely with the Safety Compliance Company to design and develop a robust web admin portal and feature-rich mobile apps. The goal was to create a comprehensive solution that would empower businesses to manage safety compliance efficiently and effectively.

Key Features of the Mobile Apps

  • Safety Tailgate Meetings

    The Safety Compliance Company's mobile app facilitates safety tailgate meetings, which are available in both English and Spanish. Employees can easily browse, preview, and select relevant safety topics for the meetings. The app automatically records the date and time of the meeting, allows employees to sign in electronically, and offers the option to capture photos of attendees for documentation purposes.

  • Project Inspections

    With the app's project inspection feature, field personnel can conduct various types of inspections, such as general construction, framing, roofing, scaffold, and trench inspections. The app guides users through the inspection process, provides options to mark items as satisfactory, unsatisfactory, or not applicable, and allows them to take photos and add notes for each inspection item. In cases of unsatisfactory items, the app generates a thread with details for corrective action and sends it via email to relevant parties.

  • Equipment Inspections

    The mobile app also supports equipment inspections for essential machinery, including forklifts, reach lifts, boom lifts, scissor lifts, and skid steers. Users can follow the same streamlined process for equipment inspections, documenting findings with photos and notes and initiating corrective actions when necessary.


Web Admin Portal

Indigo Icon created a user-friendly web admin portal that serves as the central hub for managing safety compliance. The portal allows administrators to monitor clients, track compliance progress, and receive real-time updates on safety regulations relevant to each company. Additionally, the portal enables the Safety Compliance Company to upload customized written safety programs, including codes of safe practice, employee safety handouts, and safety orientation forms for each client.

Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)

To extend the convenience of safety compliance management to employees on the field, Indigo Icon developed native mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms. These apps enable users to access critical safety resources, perform safety audits, and conduct inspections directly from their mobile devices.

  • Hot Work & Confined Space Permits

    For projects involving hot work or confined spaces, the app streamlines the permit issuance process. Users can easily select the project, enter relevant details, verify necessary safety precautions, and sign off on the permit directly in the app. The app generates PDF reports for each permit, storing them securely in the company portal.

  • Accident / Incident Investigations

    In the unfortunate event of an accident or incident, the app empowers investigators to conduct thorough investigations. It allows them to record incident details, gather witness statements, add photos and comments, identify root causes, and propose corrective actions. The app then generates comprehensive PDF reports for each investigation.

  • Employee Violations

    When employee violations occur, the app simplifies the process of issuing violation notices and documenting disciplinary actions. Supervisors can select the employee involved, describe the violation, and obtain electronic signatures from both parties. The app automatically generates detailed violation reports for the company's records.


Results and Benefits

The collaboration between Indigo Icon and the Safety Compliance Company has led to transformative results, benefitting both the Safety Compliance Company and its clients:

The web admin portal and mobile apps have transformed compliance management by making it efficient, real-time, and paperless. Clients can access and manage their safety programs, conduct inspections, and handle violations with ease.
The mobile apps' interactive and hands-on safety training modules have captured the attention of employees, resulting in better comprehension and adherence to safety practices.
The apps' automatic generation of PDF reports for meetings, inspections, permits, investigations, and violations ensures that crucial information is accurately documented and readily accessible for regulatory purposes.
With the help of Indigo Icon's solution, the Safety Compliance Company has successfully assisted hundreds of companies in gaining approval through agencies like ISNetworld and Avetta (PICS), further solidifying its position as a reliable compliance partner.

In conclusion

Indigo Icon's web admin portal and mobile apps have empowered the Safety Compliance Company to offer cutting-edge safety compliance solutions to its clients. The seamless integration of technology and the user-friendly interface have redefined safety management, making the Safety Compliance Company the go-to choice for businesses seeking comprehensive safety compliance solutions.